The dream becomes a reality.

For awhile, Blake and I separately have dreamt of living minimal and traveling the world. When we first met, this shared desire was one that brought us closer. We quickly decided that this was a dream we could make possible, so we began the search for the perfect vessel.

Tiny houses, though are becoming a trend, are hard to come by and still difficult to find research because every house is different. People build their homes to their needs, dreams, and uses. The stories you’ll read are amazing! However, it can be difficult when decide you want to build your own home. You want it to be custom for your needs and a lot of the time, those answers of how aren’t easily available.

This blog is going to be a description of every step of our process in building and researching. We hope to answer questions that we searched for and had to find out for our own.

Thanks for joining us on your adventure!


day two.


2 thoughts on “The dream becomes a reality.

    1. That’s a pretty cute idea. We’re thinking of recoating the roof with a white reflective paint to help with heat issues from the sun. Then from the windows down, paint a baby powder blue color in honor of the bluebird and yet light enough to reflect heat. Can’t wait! The trouble is finding the proper paint for something this size that has fun colors to choose from. Thanks for the comment!!


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