We’re just two okies that came together with our love for travel, camping, and the tiny house minimal life. We can’t wait to go on the road to explore with Blake’s dog Mammoth, and my cat Eleanor.

Cheyenne is a photographer who will document the people we meet and the places we go. She hopes to put together a book with the collection of work from our adventures and experiences.

Blake dreams of being creator and builder of sorts. He has a passion for exploring and learning as much as he can about the world around him. Camping is his number one hobby and this trip is one he’s been waiting for for a long time.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Haley Harmon

    Hello! My name is Haley and I just wanted to reach out to you guys because my fiancé and I are wanting to renovate a school bus as our first adventure after we tie the knot this October! I am in the Tulsa area and was wondering if we might be able to come check out what you’re doing? If you have any advice about the process? Etc…I can use any info I can get! Thank you for your time!


    1. Hi Haley! We would be happy to have you stop by to see our soon-to-be home! We usually work on the bus during the weekends but since it’s in our backyard, we could show you it anytime! When would is good for you?
      We will do our best to help give you some tips and things to look for. We’ve learned quite a lot since starting this project in late July and would be happy to help! By the way, congratulations to you and your fiancé! A bus adventure is a great one, can wait to do our own.


  2. Haley Harmon

    Thank you! That would be amazing! I will be out of the country February 21st through March 3rd, so we could maybe stop by Sunday March 6th if that works for you guys? I’ll write down some questions I have so far about the renovation process and just about makes and models of buses etc. My email address is haleyharmon@yahoo.com if you want to talk time and place! Again, thank you for your time and quick response! We really appreciate it!


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