Tiny House Expedition

One of our favorite things that has happen since starting this project has been to become apart of this whole new world that is the tiny house community. With resources like skoolie.net and Instagram, we have had the chance to connect with other people who are working on similar projects, brainstorm ideas, troubleshoot problem and be inspired. Even better then the connection via internet is when you get the unique opportunity to sit down, enjoy a beer and interact in person.  Awhile ago we had the pleasure of hanging out with our new friends Alexis & Christian of Tiny House Expedition!


It was awesome to talk about how they built their home and how life has been on the road as they document tiny house living across the country! It’s fun to meet other people who have taken that step to live outside the box and share creative ideas. Unfortunately we got so distracted in conversation and by spending the evening in their tiny home, we forgot to take pictures. However, they are both very talented artist and you can find photos of their home and how they built it online at their website www.tinyhouseexpedition.com/ or  follow them on their Instagram @tiny_house_expedition . It’s beautiful inside and out!

After spending the evening with them, they came over the next day to see our future home and it’s progress. We were honored that they also included us in the documentary. Here’s what they shot!

Thank you Alexis & Christian for hanging out with us and also putting up with our awkwardness in front of the camera, haha. We hope to visit you one day once how home is finished! It means so much to be apart of your project and can’t wait to see what other places you’ll go and people you’ll meet!



The dream becomes a reality.

For awhile, Blake and I separately have dreamt of living minimal and traveling the world. When we first met, this shared desire was one that brought us closer. We quickly decided that this was a dream we could make possible, so we began the search for the perfect vessel.

Tiny houses, though are becoming a trend, are hard to come by and still difficult to find research because every house is different. People build their homes to their needs, dreams, and uses. The stories you’ll read are amazing! However, it can be difficult when decide you want to build your own home. You want it to be custom for your needs and a lot of the time, those answers of how aren’t easily available.

This blog is going to be a description of every step of our process in building and researching. We hope to answer questions that we searched for and had to find out for our own.

Thanks for joining us on your adventure!


day two.